About Me

I was always a traveler ~ into the mystical and of the land. At a very young age I had a knowing, a remembering that there was more than this physical world. I can remember vividly, as a young child lying in bed, I felt myself amongst the stars, felt an expansiveness that was out of body. I spent much of my time in nature, talking with the moss, salamanders, the sand. I lived life outside of my body. The study and practice of shamanism brought me back into my body. Shamanic practice grounded me. It helped me create space within myself to live and to travel safely.

I was born and raised in New York City. I created the opportunity to travel, study and work in many countries, but New York was always my home base. I spent many years working with high school and college students while earning my masters degree in counseling. It was an honor to witness their growth as they explored and navigated through those years. The deepest blessing was when I would see them discover and grow into new selves, traveling within themselves, exploring different courses, experiences, challenges, and experiencing different cultures. Being a witness to that touched my heart, but there was still always something missing for me. I started to hear the call of the spirit world but didn’t know how to answer. I became quite ill towards the end of my time in New York. In one of my darkest places, I found the space to start to find the words to answer spirit. My husband and I moved to Maine. He was coming home and I was finally creating one. Maine gave me a second chance at living.

When I met my first compassionate spirit guide I knew my life was about to change. The ability to start communicating and receiving guidance and teachings from the compassionate spirit world helped the rest of my life make sense. It was the leap into a deep, lifelong dive of clearing and healing myself in a completely new way. Working with my own shadows and developing courage to really be with them and hear their story brought me to know a truer self. Developing a trusted Council and my own daily practice shifted my life in ways I had only ever hoped for. Embracing and starting to heal my ancestral lines and learning from my resolved ancestors is a gift that has grown new roots in me. During my shamanic apprenticeship with Windhorse Circle, I received confirmation that this was my life’s path. For me, it was all about stopping. I had to close my eyes so that I could actually see.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you ~ Sara



Windhorse Circle Shamanic Apprenticeship

Seeing With the Heart - Shamanic Journeying Workshop

Ancestral Lineage Healing with Daniel Foor, PhD // Commencing December 2018

Licensed Chiropractic Assistant // State of Maine

M.S. // Counseling - City University of New York

B.S. // Psychology - City University of New York

Language & Culture Program // Nanjing University – Nanjing, China

Photography Program // Lorenzo di Medici – Florence, Italy

Black & White Photography Courses // School of Visual Arts – NY, NY