Shamanic Sessions

Brother Bear    Bear… Invite me into the cave where silence surrounds, the answers you gave. ~ Jamie Sams & David Carson

Brother Bear

Bear… Invite me into the cave where silence surrounds, the answers you gave. ~ Jamie Sams & David Carson

A shamanic healing session is sacred time. It creates an opening to experience your own divinity ~ to attune to new vibrations ~ to learn about your past and present in a new way. It is an honoring.

As a shamanic practitioner, my role is to create space in this physical world for the ritual of healing and to be a conduit for my trusted and compassionate guides. These spirit guides move through me to bring teachings and energy back from the compassionate spirit world and to remove energy that doesn’t belong in this physical world back to the compassionate spirit world. My responsibility and honor is to serve as a “Hollow Bone” so that spirit can serve your highest good. I believe healing begins in the moment you agree to see what’s been unseen to you before.

Martha Postlewaite poem ~ Clearing ~ speaks to what I see as the beauty of shamanic healing.

“Do not try to save

the whole world

or do anything grandiose.

Instead, create

a clearing

in the dense forest

of your life

and wait there


until the song

that is your life

falls into your own cupped hands

and you recognize and greet it.

Only then will you know

how to give yourself

to this world

so worth of rescue.”

What Type Of Healing Interventions You Can Experience ~ There are a number of different healings that I can use during a session. Each session is unique based on what you bring and are interested in receiving. After permission is given, I journey on your behalf to my trusted Spirit Council to see what would be most useful and in your highest good for the session.

Shamanic Journeying & Coaching ~ Connecting to your helping spirits in the compassionate realms and teaching the process of journeying to the compassionate realms .

Power Animal Retrieval ~ Developing relationship with your spirit guides and learning about the gifts they have to offer.

Divination ~ Communicating with compassionate spirits for guidance and teachings.

Soul Retrieval & Integration ~ Returning, healing, and integrating beloved parts of yourself that have been lost.

Shamanic Reiki ~ Energy body healing & toning.

Extraction & Clearing ~ Removing intrusions and intrusive energies from your body and energy field.

Psychopomp ~ Helping beloved spirits pass over in peace and into the Light.

Creating Ritual & A Daily Practice ~ Developing your personal practice to support healing and deeper relationship with helping spirits.

What the Session Will Look Like ~ All shamanic sessions begin with time to discuss any questions or concerns related to shamanic work in general and the individualized work that will be completed in the session. I will share the information I received from the journeys I completed for you in preparation for the session and allow the time you need to feel comfortable with the work we will complete. After our discussion, we will move into the healing rituals. You will be able to get comfortable, fully clothed, on a massage table with plenty of pillow and blanket options. The only type of physical contact during our work would be to touch your elbow or arm if that is comfortable for you. I will rattle, drum and at times tone during the healing rituals. In many instances I will narrate what my compassionate spirit guides are showing me and the entire journey.

When the healing ritual is complete we will sit together to process, and there will be plenty of time to ask questions. I will provide any further messages from my compassionate guides for you to integrate the shamanic healing from our session.

Session Scheduling Details ~ | Tuesday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday | ~ by appointment

I offer sessions at my office in Freeport, Maine, can travel to your space in Southern/MidCoast Maine, or work over the phone.

Initial client sessions are two hours. Subsequent sessions range from one to two hours based on the work that needs to be completed. I charge by the hour at a rate of $80 for office and phone/distance sessions and $100 per hour for in-home sessions.